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mage: Kalki Subramaniam Photographs: Sreeram Selvaraj
Meet Kalki: India's first transgender entrepreneur

in INDIA, 01/11/2012

Kalki Subramaniam is a journalist, writer, actor and activist. She holds two masters: in Journalism and Mass Communication and International Relations. Now, she is an entrepreneur. She is also a transgender. That makes her, she says, India's first transgender entrepreneur.

In this interview, Kalki talks about her journey from being a harassed child in school to a successful social activist and an entrepreneur.

I am from a middle class, well educated family in Pollachi. I had a very difficult childhood; rather I would say I had no childhood at all. Today when I see children, I long to go and play with them. Because of my gender identity, I was discriminated against and ridiculed; I was so feminine. From 6th standard to 12th standard, I could not mix with anyone. The rejection hurt very badly.

I came out of the rejection by reading a lot and studying really hard. From the age of 16, I started taking hormone tablets and from 21, I took female hormone injections. At 23, I had an operation and changed my sex completely. I had earned the money from my work at an MNC and went for the operation to change myself.

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