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Transgenders refute ‘indecent dress’ charge

in INDIA, 01/11/2012

Transgender people, known as Nupi Sabi (pretending to be women) in Manipur, on Sunday refuted charges by women groups that they have been promoting indecent dresses among the girls through beauty pageants and sought withdrawal of a “ban” on a “Miss Manipur” contest.

The retort comes in the wake of banning of Miss Manipur 2012 due to take place on Monday, by a group of 16 women organisations. The women groups had on Friday imposed a ban on holding of the popular Miss Manipur pageant and other beauty pageants indefinitely.

Spokesperson of the group Ibetombi, who is the president of Women Association for Civic Action Kangleipak (Wakak), while announcing the ban had charged the Nupi Sabis of designing vulgar and indecent outfits for girls.

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