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‘Don’t hide who you are’

in AUSTRALIA, 13/10/2012

Australia’s youth mental health foundation, headspace, has launched a new LGBTI campaign to help young people who are feeling the pressure to hide their sexuality. The concept, ‘Charlie versus the Big Secret’, depicts the internal conflict that a LGBTI young person might experience due to the fear of rejection and judgement. Headspace CEO Chris Tanti said that many LGBTI young people are concerned about the way people around them might react to their decision to ‘come out’.

“We want young people to know that if they’re having issues with friends, family, work or school because of homophobia or transphobia, they don’t have to go through it alone.” “Tanti said it was also vital that the concept was developed in consultation with LGBTI young people across Australia.

“To get this campaign right we developed online surveys asking LGBTI young people about the issues they face and tested what concepts would resonate best with the audience,” he said.

Charlie versus the Big Secret is the ninth concept to be developed as part of the headspace national awareness campaign that aims to help young people get support for issues affecting them.

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