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[Photo of Adam Shazrul Mohammad Yusoff courtesy of Rahman Roslan of the International Herald Tribune]
Transgenders lose bid to challenge dress ban

in MALAYSIA, 13/10/2012

The High Court says that it is undisputed that the four applicants are Muslims and therefore subjected to the Syariah law that bars men from dressing in women's clothes.

The Seremban High Court today dismissed an application by four transgender individuals to challenge the ban on Muslim men to dress and pose as women under Section 66 of the Syariah Criminal (Negeri Sembilan) Enactment.

The four, who had been either arrested or penalised by the Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Department before, were applying for a judicial review to declare Section 66 unconstitutional. Justice Siti Mariah Ahmad, in her judgment, said that it was undisputed that the four applicants were Muslims and hence Section 66 applied to them.

According to the applicants’ lawyer Aston Paiva, Siti Mariah had relied substantially on the Islamic views given by a mufti.

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