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Nigel Studdart
Sacked teacher to battle on, as thanks pours in

in NEW ZEALAND, 06/10/2012

As Nigel Studdart arms up to fight his sacking from a Whangarei Catholic school, he’s revealed the thanks he’s received from gay young people from the school and across the country, one message which even brought both him and his wife to tears.

Pompallier Catholic College’s Board of Trustees last month fired the popular science teacher because he supported students who protested the principal Richard Stanton's column against marriage equality, in a school newsletter.

Among the five reasons he’s since been given are contribution to a Facebook page against the column, organising student opposition and speaking to the media about the situation.

Studdart is fighting the decision with the support of secondary teachers’ union the PPTA. He’s still struggling to get his head around the fact that he, in 2012, has been dismissed for expressing a personal opinion.

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