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John Badalu, the director of 10th Q! Film Festival, opened the event at the National Library in Central Jakarta last Friday night. (http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/lifeandtimes/at-the-q-film-festival-an-uneasy-balance/469266)
Gay Film Festival Opens in Indonesia

in INDONESIA, 01/10/2012

A gay film festival hailed as the biggest in Asia and the only one in the Muslim world kicks off in Indonesia on Friday, hoping to draw 15,000 viewers to screenings and fringe events. 

In its ninth annual edition, the Q! Film Festival (www.q-munity.org/) will showcase 150 films from more than 20 countries, including France, Japan and the Philippines, highlighting such issues as gay rights and HIV/AIDS. 

Festival director John Badalu said organizers did not expect public opposition but prefer to keep the event low-key due to the “stigma against gays” among conservative sections of the mainly Muslim population. Read the full story.

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