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trAnnie, new comedy set for Sydney Opera House
Drag show slammed: 'It's not OK to say tranny'

in AUSTRALIA, 30/09/2012

A new comedy set for Sydney Opera House is under fire from transpeople who view the word “tranny” as just as offensive as “faggot” or the n-word.

But its title is an increasingly controversial derogatory term used to describe transgender people – and several have contacted Same Same with concerns about the dehumanising and hurtful way the word “tranny” is used to describe them.

Many feel that it is not OK for anyone who isn’t a transgender woman to use the word, and they’re also concerned about the gender reassignment plot of the show – trivialising the deeply personal journeys of real-life transpeople.

“It is so painful to see members of the GLBT community ridiculing the most marginalised and discriminated against part of our supposed rainbow family,” says one of several trans and cis-gendered readers who contacted us after we revealed details about the show last week.

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