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'Gays, lesbians also have rights'

in SOUTH AFRICA, 04/10/2012

WITS University students and lecturers gathered outside the institution's theatre yesterday to raise awareness about gay and lesbian rights.

This week, the university is hosting Wits Pride, aimed at educating students about hate crimes towards gays and lesbians. The marchers sang and insulted president of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa and member of parliament Patekile Holomisa, who earlier this year spoke against civil unions between homosexual couples.

Socialite, philanthropist and gay activist Henry Bantjez expressed his disappointment about what Holomisa had said about gay and lesbian people.

"Holomisa used his influence to try and convince the government to scrap gay rights ... I never thought anyone would dare suggest something so bad," Bantjez said.

Singer and poet Ntsiki Mazwai said: "I support the freedom to choose whoever you want to love ..."

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