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Fake eunuch arrested at Patna Junction (http://viewpatna.blogspot.com/2010/08/fake-eunuch-arrested-at-patna-junction.html)
Jaipur faces problem of fake eunuchs

in INDIA, 16/09/2012

The state capital is facing a new crime. A gang of fake eunuchs has been active in the city which flees after snatching away valuables from unsuspecting people. Three persons who posed themselves as eunuchs created terror in Vishvaiya Nagar locality, Shipra Path after they thrashed a family of a businessman and fled from the scene.

"They were trying to extort money from the family. The family resisted and soon the quarrel turned violent. They managed to flee using a SUV," said a senior officer of Shipra Path police station on Tuesday.Police said that these could be fake eunuchs or imposters as they first pressed the bell of the house and then demanded Rs 11,000. "When the family resisted, they jostled with the family and later thrashed them," the officer said.

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