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"LGBT Republic of Iran: An Online Reality"


To coincide with IDAHO Day 2012, Small Media launched "LGBT Republic of Iran: An Online Reality", a report on LGBT media use inside Iran, in partnership with the Peter Tatchell Foundation at Amnesty International's Human Rights Action Center in London.

Months of in depth research revealed that LGBT Iranians are suffering at the hands of the Iranian government, who repress and entrap them online. Small Media's report concludes that despite state repression and social ostracisation, many Iranian LGBTs get on with their lives and forge a sense of community and solidarity by networking over the internet. Small Media's report includes a number of intense case studies and narratives taken from focus group interviews with covert LGBTs based inside Iran.

The report is available to download http://smallmediafoundation.com/files/LGBTRepublicofIran.pdf from Small Media's website. Any queries regarding the report can be directed to contact at smallmedia.org.uk.

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