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INFOGRAPHIC: The state of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines

in PHILIPPINES, 01/09/2012

According to data from the Department of Health, the number of new cases of HIV being reported in the Philippines is rising steadily. In an episode of the GMA News TV program "Bawal ang Pasaway" that aired on August 22, Prof. Winnie Monsod sat down with Wanggo Gallaga, an HIV-positive journalist for the Philippine Star, and Philip Castro from the United Nations Development Program to talk about the problem of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines. 

They agreed that the HIV has spread in the Philippines largely because of the lack of public education about the virus. Because sex is a taboo topic in Filipino culture, experts speculate that the actual number of HIV cases in the Philippines may actually be higher than reported because people are too ashamed or afraid to come forward about having the infection. Mareng Winnie encouraged people to be more responsible and honest with themselves, and to get tested if they can.

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