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Amendments to the Karnataka Police Act gives police the right to maintain a register on transgenders ‘reasonably suspected’ of unnatural offenses. (http://section377delhi.blogspot.com/2012/07/guv-nod-for-cops-to-maintain-black-book.html)
We are humans too: Transgenders in Karnataka

in INDIA, 24/08/2012

The sexual minorities in the state want to send a message to the general public—they are humans, too. In a bid to do just that, Sangama, a human rights organisation that works with sexual minorities, will file a petition at the Karnataka high court seeking repeal of the Karnataka Police Act that empowers the state to keep a tab on transgenders in the state.

The amendment to the Act, which was introduced in 2011, allows the police to maintain a register detailing the names and addresses of transgenders residing in a particular area.

The Act is dehumanising sexual minorities. “The word used is Napunsak which is used to describe something that is non-living. But it is used to describe us. We are not stones or random objects. We are humans. We breathe. We have feelings, too. The Act also assumes that transgenders will not only kidnap children but will emasculate boys. How is this right?” she asks.

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