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HIV rises sharply among Chinese 50 and older

in CHINA, 24/08/2012

People aged 50 and older in China have seen a large increase in HIV/AIDS cases in recent years, a trend that is apparently unique, a senior health official said yesterday.

Ge Xianmin, a key official with the HIV/AIDS prevention and control office in Guangxi, said that those with little education and low income have the highest risk of infection.

By the end of June, nearly 93 per cent of newly reported HIV/AIDS cases in Guangxi were due to unprotected sex, and 30 per cent of those cases were older men, he said.

A growing number of rural women left behind by husbands who sought employment in cities entered the sex trade, targeting mainly older men in rural areas, he said. "That's a key reason for quickly rising HIV prevalence among local senior men," he added.

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