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Jenna Talackova, who advanced to the finals of the Miss Canada competition, part of the Miss Universe contest, says she was forced out of the competition because Pageant officials alleged she was not "a naturally-born female." (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
A Better 'Universe' for Sex-Change Beauties

in SINGAPORE, 20/08/2012

The grand finals of Miss Universe Singapore to be held on September 9 may well be the last one in which only natural-born females compete. From next year, the Miss Universe pageant will allow transgender women to participate. Local organizers say they will comply with the new rule. I think this is an inclusive move and a good one to make.

Trans people live or seek to live as the gender opposite to that which they were assigned at birth. Some parties support transwomen participation in beauty pageants. Opponents say these are not "real" women, having had surgical and hormonal enhancements. Reprint courtesy of The Straits Times. Read the full story here

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