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Eid for every one, not for eunuchs

in PAKISTAN, 20/08/2012

‘The News’ got hold of three ‘she males’ and asked what do they do on Eid and how do they celebrate this ritual at all. “Eid is a big day for every one but for us it’s not less than a mourning day,” she said, “the day starts with the tears in our eyes when everyone is depressed that they cannot go and meet their loved ones. We cannot go and meet our biological parents, brothers and sisters or relatives because they have disowned us for our abnormal behaviour and inclination towards female gender.

Since childhood, we are so comfortable playing with girls and their dolls and no inclination towards boys interests like cricket, football etc. Our abnormal/psychological behaviour compels us to abandon our beloved parents and find solace in our community who supports our behaviours and considers it normal. Even our own class fellows and friends asks us to run from our house and join the she male community. We have ‘gurus’ and ‘chailas’ who are just like our parents, siblings and children respectively, they become our world,” she said.

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