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ECOSOC: having a voice and using it!

in WORLD, 08/08/2012

A series of interviews exploring ways organisations which gained the right to speak at the United Nations are using it to ensure LGBTI rights remain high on the UN agenda.

  • Interview of Jack Draper, member of Coalition of Activist Lesbians (COAL) in Australia
    Before ILGA-Europe and the Danish and German federations, LBL and LSVD were granted ECOSOC status in November 2006, only two other groups, two lesbian organisations, enjoyed the right to enter the United Nations forums: the Coalition of Activist Lesbians (COAL) in Australia and the International Wages Due Lesbians (IWDL) to learn more about the way they’ve used this right in the past and what has been their experience of UN work. English Español Français
  • Interview of Maria Sjodin, executive director of RFSL, Sweden. In 2006, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL), applied for ECOSOC status at the UN, which was granted in July 2007. Both in January and May of 2007, the Executive Director, Maria Sjödin, together with the President, Sören Juvas, went to New York to defend RFSL’s ¬candidacy: English Español Français
  • In October 2006, ILGA organised a panel on ECOSOC at the United Nations Council of Human Rights in Geneva. The panel is chaired by Janfrans Var der Eerden, COC. Organisations with ECOSOC status spoke of their experience gaining it and of the use they are making of it. 
  1. LSVD / ILGA Philipp Braun, LSVD, Germany and ILGA’s Co-Secretary General English Español
  2. ILGA Europe - Jackie Lewis, board member of ILGA-Europe English Español
  3. Coalition Gaie et Lesbienne du Québec - Yvan Lapointe, Executive Director English Français
  4. ARC International - John Fisher, co-Director English Español
  5. Instituto Neris, Brazil - Beto de Jesús English Español Português


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