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Pension for hijras (http://article.wn.com/view/2010/08/12/Transgenders_over_40_to_get_Rs_400_pension_in_Karnataka/)
Transgenders to get Rs 1,000 monthly pension

in INDIA, 12/08/2012

In yet another move to help transgenders and bring them into the social mainstream, chief minister J Jayalalithaa on Wednesday announced a monthly pension of 1,000 for those above 40 years and living in abject poverty. The state government has allotted 1.17 crore for the scheme.

According to the proposed "Pension Scheme for Destitute Transgender", impoverished members of the community aged over 40 will be eligible for a monthly dole of 1,000. She said the scheme was aimed improve their social and financial status.

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