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Benjamin McKey is currently studying Geography with an emphasis in Gender Studies at Florida International University. His research interests consist of Queer Theory, Gender & Sexuality Studies, as well as Cultural and Critical Geography.
A State of Emergency: Living as a Transsexual in Kuwait

in KUWAIT, 12/08/2012

“He wants to kill me. He keeps telling me to come home so he can kill me. He had put rat poison in my tea.”  These words came out of the mouth of a young transsexual living in the Middle East. The father of the child wanted to take the matters of transsexuals into his own hands. Death. This is the type of prejudice that occurs in Kuwait due to the teachings of the Islamic faith.

The transsexual community in Kuwait is being oppressed by both religion and state because of the teachings of the Koran. The connection between state and religion is causing an injustice for transsexuals and this is why it is imperative that change occurs. Read the full story here

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