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Sanam Fakir
Trangenders Don't need to be Beggars

in PAKISTAN, 12/08/2012

Strength, determination and vision are the ingredients to make the impossible , possible. That’s what Sanam Fakir, an angel for the transgenders in Sindh has proved by setting up a computer training center for them at her house. She has established this place with a sole intention to make these less fortunate, bread earners rather than beggars.

Rather than relying on any NGO to financially empower them she herself took the initiative and has set up this computer-training centre on a self-help basis to provide professional training to her community. She has also appointed herself as the focal person for the minority group by the Sindh government and she is working without an office and salary for the post so far which adds another feather to her cap. Read the full story here

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