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Homonationalism: Queer tales of queer prides

in INDIA, 29/06/2012

There is a transition in the way nation-states are portraying queer people: from figures of death from AIDS to posterboys for the freedom and modernity of the ‘progressive’ West. But is such pinkwashing co-opting queers into the politics of racism, asks Oishik Sircar as queer communities gear up for the Pride Marches .

Queer racism and homonationalism
June is celebrated as Gay Pride Month across most of the world. The reason: June 28, 1969 is the day when the Stonewall Inn riots took place at Greenwich Village in New York. Many Indian cities host Pride Parades commemorating this historic moment of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) resistance against police brutality. In many European countries it is called the Christopher Street Day. Christopher Street is the name of the road on which the bar called Stonewall Inn was located. Read the full story here.

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