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Male, female and the third option

in INDIA, 29/06/2012

There is very little understanding in India of issues related to intersexuality. We refuse to accept any exception to the male-female binary.

When I first thought of writing about Pinki Pramanik, I was angry at the way the local, the national and even the international media was dealing with the issue. Two days into the controversy, I was infuriated to see a photo published in a UK daily where Pramanik was seen being escorted by a policeman whose right hand was groping her right breast. Legally, until proved otherwise, Pramanik should still be considered a woman and treated accordingly. Infuriated by this gross violation of human rights, I, otherwise a reluctant Facebook-user, decided to post my comments with the photo on the social networking site, packed my bags and flew to Kolkata. Read the full story here.

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