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XTINA SUPERSTAR (http://xtinasuperstar.blogspot.com/)
Transgender Model Questions PHL Fashion Week Exec For Barring Him/Her From Walking The Ramp

in PHILIPPINES, 13/06/2012

Controversy stems from a supposed directive issued by organizers of Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) barring transgender models from walking the runway at the scheduled show of fashion designer Kermit Tesoro last May 24.

At the center of the hullabaloo is PFW executive producer Tina Herrera and transgender model Xtina Superstar, who have since been trading barbs via Twitter on the matter.

Xtina Superstar claims that Herrera was behind the alleged directive.

He also claims he is among the models prevented by the latter from joining Tesoro’s show.

For her part, Herrera claimed via Twitter that Xtina Superstar did not have a contract to do so in the first place.

“Stick to facts. Not booked, not confirmed, no contract."

Show proof HE even had a contract before claiming HE was cancelled,” she posted.

But Xtina Superstar countered, “Walked for pfw for 2 seasons and there are no issues about contracts etc etc these designers are using me as a ‘MUSE’ not a model.”

On their Facebook page, the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP) lamented the alleged incident, saying that Tesoro always had transmodels in his line-up in past seasons of PFW.

“PFW did not want the transmodels seen on the runway. Ironically, some of the models Tesoro hired to walk his show last night have actually been walking at PFW for the last three seasons. We, the members of the, would like to express our deepest disappointment over this transphobic move by PFW and we say: WTF PFW? (emphasis theirs),” it said.

Tesoro has yet to comment on the issue.

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