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Kenya : A Lesbian Sings Her Heart Out


Kate Kamunde describes herself as a 'lesbian woman of color' She is a performing artist, poet, blogger and the face behind AFRA-KENYA, Kenya's sophmore lesbian group.

Kate is a lesbian activist and whose face has also been featured in newspapers. She has appeared also on talk shows to reach out to other lesbians and share her life. Through the collaboration of Internews, Kate has produced a video where she sings on the discrimination facing gay and lesbian persons. Her message is clear - Accept us the way we are.

She has not been spared the brunt of homophobes. Her Facebook account was hacked into and the hackers posted derogatory pictures and updates. Concerted efforts from her friends and work colleagues, the account was removed. She has also been on a war path with the Daily Nation newspaper that has published her photos without consent putting her in danger of being recognized.

Kate lives in Nairobi with her partner.


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