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Zimbabwe’s first lady spews homophobic trade

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Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe has joined the bandwagon of homophobic leaders after she recently condemned homosexuality as “taboo and satanic”. Addressing a gathering in Mashonaland Central at a handover ceremony of foodstuffs in an Orphanage at Madziwa Business Centre, the first lady, not to be outdone by her husband, used the opportunity to divert people’s attention from the main purpose of the event.

Commenting on the constitutional process currently underway, the first lady urged villagers to participate in the constitution process but was quick to point out that they should not support homosexual rights.

She described homosexuality as foreign and being influenced by foreigners.

“You heard about the constitution and let us contribute, but do not support the recognition of homosexuals’ so called rights.

“It is taboo to our culture and Satan will have defeated us if we accept it. The constitution should be in accordance with our culture and homosexuality is foreign to us.”

The President of Zimbabwe is on record for his homophobic tirades and using the issue of homosexuality to divert people’s attention from the real economic, and political issues affecting them.


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