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Zimbabwe: Another case of mistaken identity?

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In an incident that has left human sexuality experts wondering if it’s not another case of mistaken identity, Mduduzi Ngwenya who made headlines in 2005 after being sentenced to four years in prison for masquerading as a female athlete using the name Samukheliso Ngwenya, has resurfaced again but this time as a female boxer.

After serving a jail term for six crimen injuria offences at Hwahwa prison in Kwekwe, it is reported that Ngwenya now resides in Mkwasine Chiredzi, where he has found a new boxing career using the name Gamuchirai Sibanda.

Five years ago, Mduduzi was dragged before the courts facing six crimen injuria charges and masquerading as a female. Despite his claims then that he was born with both female and male organs, before deciding to undertake surgery to have the female parts removed, a Doctor’s report confirmed that he was indeed male and never had both sexual organs at any point.

While many might view Ngwenya as a ‘male fraudster ‘, and the presiding magistrate even warning the athlete that he might be in for a longer jail term should he face the same charges, LGBT rights activists are of a different opinion.

Commenting on the issue GALZ Programmes Manager for Health, Samuel Matsikure said “I feel this issue goes beyond sport and what people are failing to do is get to the bottom of the matter. It would be wise to have Mduduzi really explain his issue because he could be a transgender person. However because society does not address such issues he has not really opened up.”

“Although many view him as a lunatic, it just goes to show how much people do not understand sexuality and the diversity surrounding it,” explained Matsikure.

He added that GALZ offers counseling and information to people who are willing and need to understand human sexuality.

Another sexuality expert who chose to remain anonymous echoed the same sentiments “This could be a case of mistaken identity, Ngwenya might be transgender and what’s worse is that he knows how he feels but does not have a name for it.

“To some he might appear as a fraudster, but there is need to really understand human sexuality to appreciate what he is going through. People have a tendency to hate, misjudge or declare anything they don’t understand or have an explanation for as taboo, this is an interesting case that needs to be looked into properly by those who understand human sexuality issues,” she added.

Posing as Samukheliso Sithole, Ngwenya won cash prizes, gold medals and represented the country on international scenes.


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