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Madrid celebrates gay pride

in SPAIN, 05/07/2010

Madrid Pride took place in the Spanish capital today. One of the biggest gay celebrations taking place in Europe, the parade featured over 30 floats from all around the world.


According to organisers, the parade Saturday attracted more than a million people.


The banner at the head of the parade, with the slogan 'For Trans Equality', was carried by Spain's minister of equality, Bibiana Aido, who joined the event together with other representatives of leftist political parties.

Israeli transexual Suku Alexander, representing the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals of Israel, also took part in the parade.

Both the politicians and the organisers voiced their concern that even in the 21st century transexuals are officially considered sick people.


Ms Minogue said she was “touched” to be asked to perform. She also said: “For a long time now I have had a special relationship with the gay public and I am pleased that they are counting on me to celebrate such a special occasion.”


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