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German court rules in partial favour of marriage recognition

in GERMANY, 17/06/2010

A gay man who married his partner in Canada has won a court battle to have the ceremony recognised in his native Germany, this week.

Events manager Andreas Boettcher, 37, was initially listed as single after wedding his Spanish partner in Montreal in July 2006.

Subsequently, German authorities refused to recognise the foreign marriage - despite having the equivalent of civil partnerships.

But now, according to the Telegraph, the Berlin administrative court said the local registry office must list Boettcher as being in such a partnership.

“The court agreed with the view of the authorities that he could not be registered as ‘married’ because a marriage under German law requires different-sex couples,” it said in a statement.

“However the plaintiff could demand registry as a life partner because Canadian gay marriage largely corresponds under German law to a registered partnership.”

The court added that the ruling would apply to any other gay couple legally married abroad.


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