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Adoption inaction: unacceptable

in AUSTRALIA, 01/06/2010

The Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby urges immediate action on adoption reform in NSW to end the last piece of direct legislative discrimination against same-sex couples.

NSW Government has vowed to protect the best interests of children but continued inaction on adoption reform has left children in same-sex families without the legal recognition of both their parents.

The Minister for Community Services, Linda Burney, noted that, “adoption provided permanence, stability and security which are so important to children”. A Government committed to the best interests of children should act immediately to remove the last form of legislative discrimination against same-sex couples.

Vicki Harding, a mother directly affected by the lack of Government action, spoke of her concern, “Our family feels let down by the NSW Government. Many people went to great lengths to write submissions and share personal stories for the Adoption Inquiry, yet the Government refuses to listen."

Ms Harding responded to Minister Burney’s comments noting that, “suggesting that the 'community' is not ready for same-sex couples to adopt is ridiculous, we simply want to be judged on our merits as parents and not our sexual orientation."

Premier Kristina Keneally has pledged that “at the heart of [her] government would sit a care for the most vulnerable in our community”. Yet, inaction on adoption reform continues to disadvantage the most vulnerable, children living in same-sex families. Ms Harding’s daughter Brenna asks, “How can it be in my best interests not to have both my parents legally recognised?”

Take action today by contacting your local MP and letting them know that inaction on adoption reform is simply unacceptable. Alternatively, visit the GLRL website: www.glrl.org.au to submit a personalised letter to the Premier, Deputy Premier, and Minister for Community Services urging them to act immediately on promises to protect the best interests of children.

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