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1 out of 10 gays is seropositive

in BELGIUM, 26/07/2011

Large European survey on the behaviour of gay people regarding AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD).


Ex Aequo, the association on prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs for the gay audience and the Observatoire du sida et des sexualités (Observatory of AIDS and sexualities) (university faculty of Saint-Louis) nowadays work together on a European project called "European Internet MSM Survey" (EMIS), coordonated by the RKI in Berlin (public health institute), involving 22 countries.

This project consists of a vast Internet survey on the behaviour of gays regarding HIV and the sexual health in Europe.

It seems essential to us that the entire LGBT associations’ community is also involved in the spread and promotion of the project. Sensoa supports the Dutch speaking part of the country.

We contact you all in order to gather information on the type of collaboration you could make in this context.

If you are up to help us, please give us the following information by returning a filled-in e-mail. You can also contact us at the number below or let us your contact information (mobile number) in order for us to contact you.

Technically, how would you make a link to the survey?
- by placing a banner on the website's homepage
- by using a pup-up window with the link inside
- by sending a message to all subscribed members or to all online visitors (newsletter)
- by sending an e-mail to all your mail contacts
- other possibility: (please specify)

If it would be possible to place a banner, would you indicate the desired dimension (e.g.: 500x100 pixels).

Could you as well rate the number of subscribed members on you website or the number of visitors each month or year?

Please let us your data, so we can contact you (desk telephone number and/or mobile phone number).

Thanking you for all this, we stay at your disposal for any further information.

For the association Ex Aequo,
Frédéric Arends

For the Observatoire du sida et des sexualités,
Vladimir Martens


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