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ILGA Stephen Barris, ILGA


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Marriage in Argentina... in April 2010?

in ARGENTINA, 28/01/2010

News from Argentina on what could possibly become the first national law on the extension of marriage to LGBT people in the Americas. Esteban Paulon gives us the good news.

My name is Esteban Paulo of the Argentinian LGBT Federation. I’ve got good news since we saw each other in November 2009: then we were beginning the debate on a marriage law for same sex people at the Argentinean Parliament.

This debate was blocked for lack of political will but we later succeeded thanks to a federal judge to get the first marriage of two men in Argentina authorized by declaring the civil code unconstitutional, which is what we aim at.

From there, we experienced a series of ups and downs, which finally allowed the first marriage between two men in Latin America on December 28. This was made possible thanks to the political decision of the governor of Tierra del Fuego, Fabiana Rios. As this document certifies it…

So we did end the year with the first marriage. The Argentinian federation LGBT believes that the parliamentary debate will start again in March-April, and that in first half of 2010, Argentina will be the first country in America with a marriage law at national level.
We thought we would get there in November but now, we are quite convinced April is the month. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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