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MABEL GARCÍA -V ILGA-LAC conference, Curitiba, Brazil.

in ECUADOR, 02/02/2010

Organization of Trans people of the peninsula of Santa Helena – Ecuador


The conference was excellent for its topics and for inspiring us with new policies. It is also important for integration (within our continent). The only thing which is missing, well, is men!

It is essential to implement each contribution, in its totality, in our respective realities, as soon as possible, so that finally they are tested on all the continent. The main subjects tackled in the pre-conference were health, integration, exclusion and inclusion in all spaces, especially the inclusion of “T”, for transvestite and transsexual persons (in the ILGA’s acronym). We are treated as if we were second class. Invited “to complete the picture”, to fill a gap, but we have different realities and needs. Each person is a world and each world acts, moves, in a different way. We ask for complete inclusion. Then, we will fight for specific public policies in each country.

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