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A young Palestinian gay seeks asylum in Israel


The Supreme court of Israel has ordered the state to reconsider the removal of a young gay Palestinian to the Palestinian territories in an Israeli asylum case.

"In my home of Palestine, the whole village was persecuting me, they have even chased me just to beat me up. They almost killed me. I prefer to stay in prison here then return there" this young gay Palestinian (aged 20) tells the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz".

The Supreme Court of Israel (pictured) has ordered to the country to reconsider removing this young gay man to the Palestinian territories in an asylum case in Israel. The tribunal admits that after hearing the young man, that his life would be very likely to be in danger because of his homosexuality if he was to be forced to return to his hometown of Naplouse.

He lived off prostitution.

He left Naplouse at 12 years old and he took refuge in Israel following the violence and beatings against him by his own father. When he arrived in Tel Aviv he lived off prostitution. He even shared his story in a documentary film on young prostitutes in this city.

In November 2009 an investigating commitee determined that his explusion wouldn't place him in any danger, accusing him notably of small offences and prostitution.

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