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Singapore Bigots Class Film As Porn

in SINGAPORE, 24/05/2011

A gay themed film which received a Golden Globe Award, many Academy Award nominations, and critical acclaim has been classed as pornography by the bigots in the country’s film censorship unit. The Board of Film Censors, an organisation that should not exist in the 21st century, has rated “The Kids Are Alright” at R21, effectively calling it pornography. They say it promotes and normalizes a “homosexual lifestyle,” and should be restricted.

The film tells the story of the children of a lesbian couple who seek our their biological fathers.

The censorship has managed to galvanize Singapore’s film community, with a number of filmmakers and media professionals lambasting the government’s decision.

“I thought we had grown up. I am flabbergasted,” said Lesley Ho, who was previously director of Singapore’s International Film Festival.

The Kids Are All Right has been lauded as a groundbreaking film whose impact isn’t limited to just the LGBT audience. Indeed, critics from the Boston Globe to the New York Times have said that the film does a masterful job of looking at the subject, flavors and foibles of the family. And that’s a subject that exists far beyond sexual orientation.

For the Board of Film Censors, the film is nothing more than homosexual propaganda. What a marginalizing message this decision sends to the thousands of LGBT Singaporeans who daily struggle against a government that won’t even recognize them in the real world.

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