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Nepal to bid for next Asia Pacific Out Games

in NEPAL, 21/03/2011

The tiny land-locked nation of Nepal is the first to put its hand up and publicly express a serious interest in biding for the next Asia Pacific Out Games.

With the 2nd Games just concluded in Wellington, gay Nepalese MP Sunil Pant has confirmed to GayNZ.com that he is determined his country will put in a serious bid for the next sporting, human rights and cultural festival. "We have the facilities and we have the will," he says.

Kathmandu, the capital with a population of just on one million, is likely to be the suggested host city. Nepal has extremely glbt-friendly human rights and anti-discrimination laws, in contrast of most of its south Asian neighbours.

A small contingent from Nepal attended the 2nd Games in Wellington, including Pant and two gay rights activists who made a strong and positive impression on their fellow delegates.

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