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Attorney General refers transgender rights to law reform advisory council

in AUSTRALIA, 15/03/2011

An inquiry into the legal recognition of transgender and intersex members of the ACT community will form the second referral to the Law Reform Advisory Council, Attorney General Simon Corbell has now said.

Mr Corbell asked the Council for detailed advice on whether any changes to the Territory's current law are needed to ensure the protection of human rights.

"The ACT places a strong level of importance on the human rights of all community members, and this latest reference to the LRAC will investigate if there are any gaps in the legal rights of transexual and intersex people in the ACT," Mr Corbell said.

"The Council's inquiry will provide an opportunity for the public to comment on the matter. A process for this consultation will be announced soon."

Mr Corbell said the Government has worked closely with the Chair of the Law Reform Advisory Council, Associate Professor Simon Rice, to develop terms of reference that would result in a meaningful examination of the Territory's laws relating to transgender and intersex people.

"I want to ensure that the views and interests of the community are reflected in this process," Mr Corbell said.

"I would encourage everyone with an interest in human rights to engage with the Council during its work."

Information about the Council's inquiry, including the terms of reference, will be available shortly online at http://www.justice.act.gov.au/

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