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Resources on the 55th session of the Commission on the Status of Women, March 2011

in WORLD, 09/03/2011

ILGA wishes to thank Global Fund for Women, RFSL, UN Women, Astraea, Commission Communautaire Française- Belgique.

Special thanks to Isis International for its precious support in taking photos and podcasting the presentations. You can also read and listen to the various sessions they have recorded during the whole CSW event.

More resources on the 55th Commission on the Status of Women

  • Reports from panels organized by ILGA, our friends and allies: Isis International, Awid, Arc International, IGLHRC
  1. Sexuality, homophobia and transphobia: the need to improve access to education and work, ILGA
    Wednesday 23 Februaryn from 18 till 19:30
  2. Towards a Future without Religious Fundamentalisms: Strategies of Growth, Strategies of Resistance, AWID
    Wednesday 23 February, from 12 to 1.30 pm. All Awid panels
  3. Re-Strategizing the Use of Media and ICTs for Empowering Women in the Ground, Isis International
    Friday 25 February, from 8 to 9.30 am
  4. Using the Yogyakarta Principles for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender human rights, IGLHRC & Arc International
    Monday 28 February, from 2 to 3.30
  • The voice of women workers at the UN (a joint initiative of Education International, Public Services International, UNI Global Union, and the International Trade Union Confederation).
  • For a report from the 2011 edition, read Carole Shaw’s daily blog from the event (APWW / JERA International).
  1. Day 1 After the chaos and debacle of last year’s NGO access to CSW this year has proved to be NO different…
  2. Day 2 What a day… Today started wonderfully…. Cold as ice outside, and a warm Fijian welcome inside from Tara Chetty who was presenting in the Pacific Women’s Watch “Claiming Space for Pacific Women in the International Arena” workshop.
  3. Day 3 Trying to decide… Today was full on at CSW with a number of events all happening at once...
  4. Day 4 Where did the week go? It is Day 4 of CSW and the end of the week…
  5. Day 5 Gaps and challenges… shrinking political space for women



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