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Women Patricia Curzi, Women's Project Coordinator - ILGA
anonymous contributorWritten anonymously. (Spanish)


Eva Lee Playing with Transformation
Playing with transformation without losing its identity

in CHINA, 16/12/2010

At ILGA Women’s Pre-Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Eva Lee gave a Chinese perspective on identity and self-definition:

Eva Lee described:
- A personal story to elaborate on the transformation and inner struggles, as well as people’s reaction
- Names and terms of lesbianism in Chinese and the meaning behind them
- The evolution history of such identities
- The current trend of identities and their social implications

Terms in Chinese lesbian community:
• T - comes from “tomboy”, meaning “butch” – subcategories: iron-butch, feminine butch, young butch…
• P – comes from the term “wife” from Taiwanese lesbian community terms, meaning “tomboy’s wife/girlfriend”;
• H - the in-betweens; the growing

Read the powerpoint presentation attached

Eva Lee
Common Language
She is currently the woman co-host of a LGBT webcast show Queer Comrades that aims to deliver LGBT issues to LGBT individuals and straight people alike. She is also a part-time programme coordinator for a woman organization Pink Space that is dedicated to help different marginalized women groups by training different groups together. She headed an anti-domestic violence program for Common Language as a volunteer project manager.

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