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in FRANCE, 06/09/2010

The Human Rights, Sexual orientation and Gender Identity Fund is a global fund created on the initiative of France and managed by France Cooperation Internationale (FCI). The aim of the fund is to support actions aiming at the realisation of civil, politic, economic, social and cultural rights of persons who are victims of discrimination on the ground of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The total amount of this call for proposals is 179,000 Euros.

The FCI call for proposals is launched in order to select projects aiming at:

* The fight against repressive legislations and\or the penalization of
relationships between people of the same sex. In particular preference will be given to projects aiming to reach specific changes in legal/statutory frameworks, or concrete improvement in the living condition of LGBTI persons, as well as projects falling within the scope of the LGBTI progress strategies in the United Nations (HRC, GAUN, special procedures, UPR...)

* The fight for the freedom of speech (including gender expression), freedom of association or demonstration on these themes. In particular preference will be given to projects supporting demonstrations, associations or publications which are directly threatened or forbidden by public authorities, whoever they are (police, justice, governments...).

One single grant per beneficiary is allowed, for a 1 to 2 year-project. A reserve list can be created. Within the framework of this call, eligible activities are the following:

(a) Advocacy/lobbying activities towards local, national and regional authorities. The projects may include lobbying activities to encourage the adoption, development or better implementation of laws in all sectors where individuals are discriminated on the ground of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

(b) Public awareness raising. Through awareness-raising activities, the projects may intend to promote a better public understanding towards LGBTI persons. The Fund may also develop the capacity of antidiscrimination organisations and support projects promoting a positive commitment of the media on these questions.

(c) Defence and protection. The Fund may support actions aiming to identify violations of LGBTI persons’ rights, provide assistance and remedies to victims and fight the culture of impunity. The Fund may also help victims to access fair trials and equitable treatment, through legal counseling for example. A series of support measures may also be foreseen, including psychological, judicial and in some cases even financial support, as well as the protection of LGBTI person’s physical integrity. These measures may be extended to their families, close relations and their rights’ defenders.

Projects may also foresee administrative and legal support for registering civil society organisations working on the promotion LGBTI persons’rights.

(d) Capacity building and networking. The Fund may support actions aiming to strengthen the capacities of the stakeholders involved in the protection of LGBTI persons’ rights and to help them develop networks with other relevant actors.

The total amount of each grant will be between 50,000 and 60,000 Euros and will cover 100% of the project’s budget. Project Proposals in French or English, can be sent by email only to the following address: lgbtifund.fci@gmail.com before the 29th of October 2010 at 12 (Noon, French time).

Questions about this call for proposals can be sent until the 16th of September 2010 at 12 (Noon, French time), by email to this same address. Answers to the questions received within the deadline will be published on FCI’s web site www.fci.gouv.fr on the 23rd of September 2010.




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