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Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Health Report

in WORLD, 24/07/2009

Lesbian and bisexual women’s health: different from heterosexual women?

Lesbian and bisexual women have specific health issues. Sexual orientation per se does not directly have any influence on cancer or any other disease. But double discrimination based on gender and on sexual orientation can have a significant impact on the mental and physical wellbeing, preventing also some women to seek assistance from health care providers.

The report contains a compendium of information ranging from health-specific topics, such as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and breast and gynecological cancer, to addressing the political and social problems of curative rape and domestic violence.

If you wish to obtain a hard copy you can order it by sending an email to patriciacurzi@ilga.org and make a donation to cover the postal costs: /ilga/donate .

To view the online version, please click here.

ILGA's Women's report is funded by NOVIB. The International Lesbian and Gay Association is also supported by HIVOS and IBM.

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