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Marriage equality in Portugal is secured

in PORTUGAL, 19/05/2010

Monday 17 May, the President of Portugal, Anibal Cavaco Silva, ratified a bill that brings equality into marriage for all. The ratification makes Portugal the sixth country in Europe to allow marriages of same-sex couples after the Netherlands, Belg...

Source: ilga-europe.org

In January 2010, the Parliament of Portugal passed a bill to remove marriage discrimination. Sadly, at the same time it rejected the proposal to allow entitlement of adoption by same-sex couples. The marriage bill was up to the President to ratify, but he chose firstly to send it to the Constitutional Court. Luckily, the Constitutional Court validated the bill's legality last month, which led to the presidential ratification.

Read the ILGA-Europe media release Parliament of Portugal takes an important step towards marriage equality

Look for more information on the website of ILGA-Portugal, ILGA member organisation. (only in Portugese)


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