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in SWITZERLAND, 17/03/2004

Yves de Matteis, European Representative

Teacher by profession (degree in Philosophy, French and English literature) Yves lives in Geneva, in the francophone region of Switzerland. He has been defending lgbt rights for 15 years as (co)founder of various groups or organizations (association 360, lgbt University or Amnesty International groups, etc.) focusing especially on the issue of partnership law (”gay marriage”) on the national (Pink Cross) but also on the local plan (president of the organization depositor of the “Geneva PaCS”). With his long time boy-friend, Patrick Berguer, they were, with Nina and Flo – the first couples to get officially registered in Switzerland.

Since a few years, Yves has expanded his interest to defending human rights in various committees, including other minorities: disabled people, coloured people (fight against racism), undocumented people, etc.

Yves has been delegate to ILGA conferences for many organizations, including Pink Cross (since 1994), Dialogai (until 1998) and association 360 (since 1998). He founded the Gay International Group – a structure destined to gay foreigners living in the Geneva region (90 countries represented).

Responsible for the political aspect of gay Prides of 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2004, he got involved in local politics in the frame of the Green Party, which he represents in the council of the Opera of Geneva. Yves also writes for the magazine 360°.
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