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Press Release of Rainbow Association

in TURKEY, 16/08/2006

Cancellation of the LGBT March in Bursa

Our legal march has been suspended with the reason of an illegal aggressive protest! Our legal demonstration with a legal permission on 06.08 2006, called Homosexuals do have Associations, in front of the city museum has been hindered. With our friends from the organizations of Lambdaistanbul, Kaos GL, Pembe Hayat and from other cities who came to support the demonstration we have organized, we were surrounded by some aggressors and stuck in our building of Rainbow Association.

With the provocative press declaration of the head of the Association of Tradesmen Supporting Bursaspor a call to lynch has been made with the words: ... I am addressing here the security forces, the governor and the politicians, they have to define their position if they do not want the lynching of these people. Saying so, the head of the association clearly committed a crime. Both the security guards and the jurisprudence apparently have been frightened so that our legal demonstration has been hindered with the reasoning of this declaration of the head of the tradesmen association and a group of hooligans. About one hundred transvestites, transsexuals, gays, lesbians and bisexuals coming from IstanbulAnkara and Bursa have been cursed and have not been let out of the building, moreover our building has been stoned. While aggressors were using even carring guns with fake bullets the officials who confirmed the legal permissions only watched our fundamental human right to peacefully march and demonstrate being violated. In that sense the civilian authorities are collaborators of the illegal lynch atmosphere experienced outside the building.

We believe that the states attitude in this case was the continuation of the general prohibitive attitude towards LGBT organizations. The ban on the Kaos GL magazine on the day of the press fest, 24th of June, the attempts to close Lambdaistanbul and Rainbow Associations, systematic assaults to transvestites and transsexuals in Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul and Mersin, arbitrary detentions and punishments appear as discriminative and unequal treatments.

To all the groups, institutions and to the aggressors which were trying to lynch us claiming that we are immoral, we want the declare that the real immorality is to insist not to see the reality of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite and transsexuals, to force them to live in a two-faced life and creating the lynch atmosphere. The LGBTs do exist and will exist for good. We also declare that we will start legal action against the head of the Association of Tradesmen Supporting Bursaspor who carries the flag for these inhuman attitudes towards LGBTs.

One thing should not be forgotten, LGBT rights are human rights and therefore those aggressions must be evaluated as aggressions towards human rights and democracy.

In this society everyone has the right to live her/his life as she/he wishes to live and nobody has the right to take this right, to discriminate, to ignore her or his existence, and nobody has to right to selfization or otherization of LGBT's.

We are not sick, nor immoral. We are humans. What has to be changed is not us, but the perspective of the society which is wrong and unjust.

Therefore, we want to ask:

· Do we have to ask permission from the Association of Tradesmen Supporting Bursaspor instead of the governor for our demonstrations?

· Does not the Bursa Police Forces have the necessary equipment to hold back a group of hooligans from the destination of the demonstration?

· While the fundamental human rights are at stake, will the responsible officials step back instead of protecting these rights?

· Should we also use violence to defend our legitimate rights? Was it a sign of the will for our annihilation to show that tolerance to the hooligans while it was clear that we are insistent in our attitude against violence?


(Among other things we want to thank here to the organizations which supported us all the way through. Those were: Human Rights Association, Platform of the Unions for Public Workers. Socialist Democracy Party, Democratic Society Party, Freedom and Solidarity Party, Gunyuzu Women Cooperative, and Coalition for Global Peace and Justice.)

Rainbow Association for Protecting Transvestites, Transsexuals, Gays and Lesbians, Solidarity and Development of Cultural Activities

Address: Orhanbey Mh. Atatürk Cd. Oba Ishani No:45 B.No703 Osmangazi-BURSA
Tel-Fax: 0 224 225 28 03-04
E-mail: gokkusagidernegibursa@mynet.com

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