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Geneva 2006 – March 27 / April 3 2006

in SWITZERLAND, 07/12/2003

Some info to choose your accommodation at the conference

Geneva is an expensive city and we have tried to keep the prices of the conference as low as possible while offering a wide range of accommodation.

Anti-Atomic Shelter:
This is by far the cheapest option possible. During the Cold War, the Swiss government built shelters to protect its population from an atomic war all over Switzerland. We booked two of those, one close to the Conference Hall and the United Nations, another one in the city center close to the Geneva associations Dialogai and 360°, a few tramway stops to the Conference Hall.

The shelters are underground and have no windows. They can host as many as 100 persons but we chose to host only 50 persons in each shelter. They offer basic comfort, similar to the ones you find in a Youth Hostel: the beds are in big dormitories (10 to 15 people), there is a limited number of showers (very basic as well) and a common room with tables and chairs.

That said, sleeping there is no different from sleeping in a Youth Hostel: the place is yours, there is no curfew (contrary to one of the Youth Hostels which close at midnight) and this is definitely quite an extra-ordinary experience! Those shelters are often used to host sport groups or youth associations. The 12th World AIDS Conference in 1998 used them to host participants as well.

Important information for Scholars
Scholars are given the choice to be hosted in Youth Hostel or in Anti Atomic shelters. Some scholars will also be hosted by local gay, lesbian or transgender people. No participants will be hosted in the Anti Atomic shelters unless she/he specifically chooses it.

Youth Hostels
We have only been able to book a limited number of beds in Youth Hostels in Geneva. So if that is the option you prefer, we suggest you book it as soon as possible. You may also want to try your luck by contacting directly the following hostels (and book only meals and conference participation through us):

Youth Hostel Geneva This youth hostel has a curfew.

City Hostel Geneva

If you are a group of 3 or 4 persons: sharing a room in a 2* hotel can also be a cheap option.
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