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in FRANCE, 15/09/2005

Homophobia, Lesbophobia, what difference does it make?

Lesbian women often face multiple discriminations; first the general sexism that all women have to face, and then the same homophobia that gay and bisexual men face. To quantify this double discrimination, lesbians and activists have begun using the term “lesbophobia.”, meant to raise awareness on the added difficulties that lesbians, as women, face.

Getting concrete information on lesbophobic discrimination is not an easy task. SOS Homophobie, in France, tells us that only one of five calls that they receive denouncing homophobia comes from a woman. However, the association’s Lesbophobia Commission has managed to lead an inquiry into the subject among France’s lesbians.

The first results are already available and reveal that 57% of lesbians surveyed report having suffered lesbophobic discrimination. Most of them suffer from it out side of the home, within the family, and at work: 43%, 44%, and 26% respectively. One of the most shocking news to come out of the study is the high amount of discrimination suffered by lesbians during visits to the gynaecologist. This study joins the same line as others conducted in Belgium, Canada, and Moldavia, according to which health care provision is not adapted or even hostile to LGBT people.

You can read the report on the SOS Homophobie’s site: HERE

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