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Executions in Iran


Sweden halts deportations of LGBT asylum seekers

The Swedish Migration Board’s decision to temporary freeze deportations of gay Iranians who have been denied asylum in Sweden is insufficient. The Government should immediately grant asylum to all lgbt asylum-seekers, who today are hiding. If this matter had not been highlighted by RFSL and other organisation nothing would have happened.

This question is not new. RFSL has for many years recommended that all lgbt asylum-seekers from countries where lgbt persons are banned - should be allowed to stay in Sweden, says RFSL chairman Sören Andersson.

The Migration Board’s decision to temporary freeze deportations to Iran is a step forward. But how long will it last? The question is also how the Migration Board will act in cases that involve asylum-seekers from other countries as Nigeria, where three gay recently were sentenced to death.

The Migration Board’s decision today is in my opinion insufficient. I still wonder where the Government stands in this question. The government’s lack of political initiative is a shame for Sweden.

Soren Andersson
President of the Federation Board

Riksförbundet för sexuellt likaberättigande (RFSL) The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights
Box 350 SE 101 26 Stockholm, Sweden

phone +46 (0) 8 457 13 01
cell phone +46 (0)709 52 51 32

Translated by Björn Skolander

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