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in POLAND, 13/06/2005

2,500 Brave the Official Ban on the Warsaw Pride March to Celebrate Diversity

Various associations around the world have joined local Polish groups Equality Foundation, Campaign against Homophobia, Lambda Warszawa, and ILGCN Polska in their protest against the ban on Warsaw Pride March last Saturday June 11th. Approximately 2,500 people gathered in front of Warsaw’s main square and marched down the parade route in spite of the official rejection of their marching permit. Police were forced to intervene numerous times to prevent about 300 protesters from various fascist and right-wing organizations from attacking the marchers.

For more information please visit the following sites:

In an Open Letter to the President and Prime Minister of Poland and EU Leaders ILGA demands Action

Warsaw Pride offical website

BBC report on the Pride Gay marchers ignore ban in Warsaw

Read the official statement from Polish LGBT groups calling for tolerance and intervention from the European UnionLet's show that there is no permission for lawlessness and injustice in Poland.

ILGA’s petition in support of the march

Altogether 48 members of the German Parliament are now supporting ILGA’s petition. Among them are government ministers, party chairs, president of party groups and the chair and the vice-chair of the Bundestag Human Rights Committee.

The Polish Union of Jewish Students has decided to join ILGA and other LGBT-rights movements in condemning the banning of the Warsaw pride march

Poland fails EU human rights obligations
By London group Outrage
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