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Other UN resources

in WORLD, 11/05/2005

A list of resources to better understand the debate on sexual orienation and gender identity at the UN

"To our knowledge, I am the first homosexual to speak in any United Nations human rights body"

First gay speaks at United Nations
Professor Douglas Sanders on behalf of Human Rights Advocates and the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) in 1992.

The Basics
The resolution presented by Brazil in 2003
The petition
The United Nations Commission on Human Rights
List of countries sitting at the UNCHR in 2005

Reports on sexual orientation and international law

International Human Rights References to Human Rights Violations on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender identity (by the International Commission of Jurists)

Douglas Sanders' Human Rights and Sexual Orientation in International Law

Sexual diversity and the Law by Choike

What happened in 2004?

After the text was first introduced in 2003, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) postpones the debate over the Brazilian resolution for the second time…

"Since November last year, we have been consulting with delegations of several countries on the text. We have not yet been able, however, to arrive at a necessary consensus..."
2004: Brazil asks for postponement of the resolution to 2005

"Our struggle goes well beyond the Brazilian resolution. With or without the UN, we will give voice again and again until our existence and rights are recognized..."
An interview by the Secretaries general of ILGA

ILGA at the UNCHR / 2004: A brief collection of achievements

Speeches given at the UNCHR in 2004

"In matters of human rights, there are no by-standers. Let us send a clear message as an international community that no-one should be killed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity".

LGBT Voices from Geneva’s Palais des Nations: speeches given at the UNCHR in 2004

Claudia Roth' s speech in Manila (ILGA 2003 World Conference) En Français

What is ILGA? Why you need to support us...

The International Lesbian and Gay Association

Donating to ILGA

Some of the NGOs working in the field

Arc International

Amnesty International

FIDH International Federation of Human Rights Leagues

Human Rights Watch

International Commission on Jurists

IGLHRC International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

ISHR International Service for Human Rights
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