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UN 2005 – NGO Statements

in WORLD, 10/05/2005

LGBT Voices from Geneva’s Palais des Nations

Geneva, April 2005. Here are a few of the speeches given by LGBT activists at the 61rst session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in support of a resolution both on sexual orientation and gender identity.

This is not an issue that will go away without receiving proper attention. It must be dealt with according to law. The time has come to begin to do that. It requires only the initiative of a few states, drawn from all regions, to begin discussions...
Chris Sidoti / International Service for Human Rights / Switzerland

We expect once and for all, the condemnation of all violations of human rights against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender around the world
Pedro Anibal Paradiso Sottile / Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) / Argentina

Human Rights are for all humans, but we usually do not enjoy these fundamental freedoms, because we are not perceived as having rights or humanity
Carlos Perera / Sexual Minorities Project under Women’s Action for Change / Fiji

Statistically, situations related to intersexuality have place in one over 2 500 births; the immense majority of those intersex children will suffer, since the very beginning of their lives, invasive and mutilating procedures
Mauro Cabral/ IGLHRC, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission / USA

The fight against the criminalization of gay men and lesbians stood at the beginning of the more than 100 years old movement of LGBT people for equality before the law. Indeed it still is our most basic demand today!
Philipp Braun / LSVD / Germany

Commission members have the opportunity to send a clear message that transgender people should not be arbitrarily killed because of their gender identity
John Fisher - Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network / Canada

Legislation exists that seeks not only to discriminate, but also, in fact to convert people's gender identity or expression into an offense.
Marcelo Ferreyra / IGLHRC, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission / USA

Some States retain colonial laws that criminalize same-sex sexual activity and non-normative sex and gender expression. In fact, some of these laws have been extended in the name of religion and culture
Hudson Tucker / Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association / Sierra Leone

NGOs are meeting and working to promote dialogue and initiatives to increase protection from persecution and other gross human rights violations on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. We will be working between this Commission and the next to consult and develop support amongst States and other NGOs
Howard Glenn / Rights Australia / Australia
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