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World March of Women

in FRANCE, 04/05/2005

It’s up to us to start building an European Lesbian Network

During a meeting of the World March of Women against violence and poverty, the French representatives proposed the idea of a European Lesbian meeting. The Lesbian co-ordinating body in France, via CQFD Lesbian Pride, is in charge of organising it.

Contacts have been made with European Lesbian associations. Circulating information through mails is not enough to really get the European Lesbian Network working. The Marseille Meeting (May 28th & 29th May) is an opportunity for lesbians to get together from all over Europe the first meeting of the European Lesbian Network.

It’s up to us to start building an autonomous Lesbian force.

A three-hour-meeting at the “lesbian space” after the demo :
Saturday 28th of May: 6pm
Conseil regional Place Jules Guesde -
Marseille (near Marseille’ main St. Charles train station)

There will be two main themes:

First: The idea of starting a survey on local and European regulation to identify points to be improved towards equality and against discrimination. This collective work will lead to common actions (campaigning, lobbying, etc.)

Second: How to build links and organise at the European level?
Circulate and share formations on Lesbian news from each country.
Meet regularly and organise to take part in Lesbian events organised locally (ex : lesbian film festival : France, Italy , Lesbian week : Berlin, Spain …)

To help us prepare this meeting we need information about your group and actions which you would like circulated and any contributions to the subjects above.

For more information, please contact :
Jocelyne Fildard or Marie Josèphe Devillers
Tl : 00 33 6 86 99 60 72 (Français)
Tel : 00 33 6 12 96 85 27 (English)
Mail: CQFD / Fierté Lesbienne 37 av Pasteur 93100 Montreuil France.
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