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Budapest 2004, Joke Swiebel was awarded by ILGA -Europe for her comittment to LGBT Rights
United Nations resolution

in BELGIUM, 03/11/2004

European Parliament adopts Resolution on Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The EP resolution on the EU’s rights, priorities and recommendations for the 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva" (15th March to the 23rd April 2004) was voted and adopted yesterday.

The text has been adopted with no changes in the original resolution adopted by the EP Foreign Affairs Committee last 27th January (it asked the EU to co-sign and actively gather other countries’ support for the Brazilian resolution on discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity), but with improvements. Following a proposal made by the Green group, a paragraph 21 has been added. Therefore, the paragraphs referring to the resolution on sexual orientation are the following (please, visit our website at www.gayandlesbianrightsintergroup.org to see the whole text):

21. Calls on the EU to support the full integration of a gender perspective throughout the United Nations system

22. Calls on the Presidency to sponsor or co-sponsor resolutions on: human rights and terrorism, impunity, independence of the judiciary, administration of justice, torture and detention, disappearances and summary executions, rights of the child and particularly the dramatic problem of children in armed conflicts, rights of women (in particular reproductive rights), human rights defenders, freedom of the press and protection of journalists, protection of internally displaced persons, religious intolerance, indigenous peoples, modern forms of slavery, and sexual orientation.

26. Calls specifically on the Presidency to act in favour of the Brazilian initiative on discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity by signing and gathering other countries’ support for the resolution tabled by Brazil, and to ensure that the issue stays on the agenda;

The EP Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights would like to thank the Green and the Radical groups for all the work they have done on this issue. From our side, we will keep the pressure on, in order to ensure that this resolution will be passed this year.
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